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Terms & Conditions
  • With your first delivery (for people starting with issues 2, 3, & 4), you will receive 2 issues (1 FREE), with your FREE set of 3 pocketwatch chains and FREE pocketwatch cleaning kit.
  • Issue 1 comes at the special price of £2.99 (€4.99 / R29.95 / AU$5.95 / NZ$5.95 inc. GST).
  • Issue 2 comes at the special price of £5.99 (€8.99 / R69.95 / AU$10.95 / NZ$10.95 inc. GST).
  • Issue 3 onwards is priced at £8.99 (€12.99 / R99.95 / AU$18.95 / NZ$18.95 inc. GST).
  • With your 2nd delivery, you will receive 2 issues with your FREE binder.
  • With your 3rd delivery, you will receive 2 issues.
  • With your 4th delivery, you will receive 2 issues with your FREE pocketwatch display tray.
  • Please note if you start from issue 1 your first delivery will be issue 1 packaged by itself and your gifts will be despatches with your 2nd, 3rd and 5th deliveries.
  • For Direct Debit, Debit Card and Credit Card subscribers, you will receive your bonus FREE Silver-Plated 'La Moderne' Pocketwatch with your 2nd delivery (for people starting from issue 1, this will be delivered with your 3rd delivery).
  • Thereafter you will receive 3 issues packed together every 6 weeks at a price of £8.99 (€12.99) per issue (applicable in the UK and ROI only).
  • For subscribers in South Africa, Australia & New Zealand, you will receive 2 issues packed together every 4 weeks at a price of R99.95 / AU$18.95 / NZ$18.95 inc. GST per issue.
  • Gifts are reserved for customers starting their subscription with issues 1, 2, 3 or 4.
  • As a subscriber, you will automatically receive binders as they become due, at a cost of £5.99 (€9.99 / R59.95 / AU$14.95 / NZ$14.95 inc. GST).
  • As a subscriber, you will automatically receive further pocketwatch display trays as they become due, at a cost of £11.99 (€14.99 / R160.00 / AU$19.99 / NZ$19.99 inc. GST).
  • You will also automatically receive any special issues.
  • As a subscriber you agree to pay each invoice within 14 days.
  • You will receive your dispatch within 28 days from the acceptance of your order.
  • You are free to cancel your subscription at any time. You will be able to keep your free gifts and you will not owe any money for goods not yet delivered.
We take payment via Visa credit and debit card, Mastercard credit card and direct debit.
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