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Experience the craftsmanship of a bygone era...

Issue 2 with 'Victoria' pocketwatch

The case of this stylish watch
reproduces both the head and tail of a Victorian penny from 1899, evocative of a golden age
of British history.

Astronomical clock
Gold savonette
Octagonal coach
watch many more!

Issue 3 with 'Louis XV' pocketwatch

The rococo style of the dial and hands of this elegant watch are typical of the 18th Century.

 Coach watch
 Gothic wall clock
 The invention of
   the mechanical
   watch many more!

Issue 4 with ‘The Washington’ pocketwatch

The heraldic symbol of an eagle, embossed in silver against black enamel on this watch’s case, has a long history - from ancient Egypt, Imperial Rome and Napoleonic France to Colonial America.

longitude (1)
automaton clock

…plus many more

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